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Arwen's Story

Arwen is about four years old, and she's been with us for the last two. She is spayed and is fully vetted.  She was going to be a TNR, but she turned out to be very tame.  Still she turned out to be too shy for the usual adoption events where she was put in a cage and strangers came up to her by the dozens.  At home she is not as shy. She likes to come out in the morning and get lots of scratching before breakfast.  She is affectionate and loves being petted though she’s not crazy about being picked up.  She is very laid back and loves sleeping on soft cat beds and blankets.  She doesn’t scratch furniture or boxes and is perfectly litter box trained.  


She’s not crazy about other cats, but she is very submissive.  She’d be happiest in a place to call her own, or a big enough place where she could claim a corner of her own without being hassled.  She’s never been around dogs.


She’s very healthy, especially considering her past.  She had some injuries that led the vet to believe that she might have been hit by a car at some point and she had definitely been shot with a BB gun.  But she moves normally, but she’s not inclined to jump up or down from high places. 


So that is All About Arwen.  We hope you’ll give her a chance to be a part of your life by hosting her for a couple of weeks and seeing if you all are a good match! Links to her photos and a short video are included below.

If you are interested in learning more about Arwen, or  are interested in adopting her, message us here, message us on Facebook at,  or contact us at .

Arwen's Story
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See more pics of Arwen here.

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