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Our New Film: “The Twilight Sim: It’s a Bloomin’ Halloween!”

Well, nothing like working with other determined creatives to make things happen! Even when software eats your homework.  We have a new film offering which we produced for NYC based actress and writer Gameela Wright's Virtual Girl Productions.  I know it's my favorite  Halloween movie, ever :)

See the press release below for more info!


 “The Twilight Sim:  It’s a Bloomin’ Halloween!”

Premiere in Second Life and on YouTube - October 26, 2012

Time: 6:30 PST

Place: LEA Theater in Second Life

When four curious teens decide to enter the spooky house on the hill, is it a frightening dream or a hilarious nightmare? Either way, the eyes have it.

Running Lady Studios, (RLS) which brought you the comedy/thriller “Cruise Control”,  and Virtual Girl Productions’ (VGP) are teaming up again.  Last year they brought you the hilarious "Coffee Schlock with AJ - Special Guest, Harold Camping”.  This year, they have a cooked up a special little treat for your Halloween goodie bags: “The Twilight Sim:  It’s a Bloomin’ Halloween!”

The animated short, filmed on Linden Lab’s Second Life game platform, was penned by professional stage and screen actress Gameela Wright (AvaJean Westland in Second Life) and directed by K. DaVette See (Suzy Yue in Second Life).  The film pokes gentle fun at Halloween tropes and pop culture icons while following the antics of four teens, a mad scientist, and a trio of precocious little girls.  The hills have eyes, but they are REALLY cute eyes.

The film’s characters are brought to life using the talents of both Second Life based avatar “puppeteers”, and several Northern California Bay Area voice actors. Ms. Wright narrates, as her Second Life avatar AvaJean Westland, this alternately amusing and spooky tale which is sure to become a YouTube favorite.

Running Lady Studios (RLS) is K. DaVette  See, director, and Rob See (GnuEon Aeon in Second Life), designer.  RLS has produced animated films for IBM and other companies doing business in Second Life. RLS also participated in the 48-Hour Film Project’s machinima class, winning the audience award in 2010 for "Cruise Control", story and screenplay by Alibi Projects. RLS now produces entertainment content for internet distribution.

Gameela Wright is based in NYC.  She formed Virtual Girl Productions (VGP) for the purpose of developing a sketch comedy webisodic series in the vein of  “The  Tracy Ullman Show” filmed exclusively in Second Life.  VGP teamed with RLS to produce short animated films featuring Ms. Wright as writer and star, and Ms. See as director.   The first of these films was released on YouTube last October. "Coffee Schlock with AJ - Special Guest Harold Camping"  imagined Mr. Camping spending his last day on Earth as an avatar giving an interview to talk show host, AvaJean Westland.

If you can’t join us for the in-world premiere event in Second Life you may view "It's A Bloomin' Halloween!" on our YouTube channel starting October 24th.

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